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Sleep Easy Tips
Tips from Dr. Herman J. Glass II on sleeping easier

A variety of health professionals believe that people who experience occasional sleeplessness can usually solve their problems by changing to a different mattress, switching the type of pillow and/or adapting to different sleeping positions.

Chiropractors can teach patients correct sleeping positions, to ensure restful sleep. According to a recent article in the Detroit News on sleep deprivation, the cost of not getting enough sleep can cause fatigue and can also be measured in countless ways. Substandard health, inefficient job performance, lost production, accidents on the job, and deaths on the highway can all be attributed to sleep deprivation according to the article.

Sleep Easy Tips
Here Are Some Tips For Sleeping Easier:

Mattress Selection

I recommend patients use a mattress that fits their body continuity. A mattress should make uninterrupted contact and distribute pressure evenly across the body-mattress contact surface. A too-hard mattress has few contact points ­ notably buttocks and shoulders, so pressure in these areas is very high, leading to numbing and pain. A too-soft mattress affords continual body contact but lets the neck-spine line sag, as happens when sleeping on a hammock or a water bed, causing muscle tension and pain.

Pillow Preference

A proper pillow should support your neck as well as your head. This is achieved by filling the space between neck and mattress, maintaining a straight line between the neck and spine. A specially designed posture support pillow is used to achieve this sleep-ez goal.

Sleeping Postures

Many patients are treated for improper sleep postures. When sleeping on your side or back, your spine is straight. However, when sleeping on your stomach, you usually have one leg drawn up, and your back is in a twisted position. You eventually suffer misalignment over a long period, leading to muscular tension.

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