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"I used to spend time trying to find the right position for a comfortable sleep by pushing, fluffing and punching my pillow. With the Peace Pillow's special construction, I just lay my head down. It's automatically in a favorable position for a restful sleep. I wake up refreshed."
- Mrs. Judith Jones

"The Peace Pillow is very comfortable and gives me much pleasure. I advise anyone with neck and back trouble to purchase one."
- Mrs. Alma V. Walker


To Whom It May Concern,

"I am a Chiropractor with a successful practice in West Los Angeles. I also suffer from a chronic neck problem. I was able to take corrective measures by seeing fellow Chiropractors, but almost every morning upon awakening I would have a sore and stiff neck.

I tried just about every cervical pillow there was with no success. One day a patient of mine recommended the Peace Pillow. She stated that she had great success in alleviating her nighttime neck pain. So I purchased a Peace Pillow at the local department store and was surprised to find how reasonably priced it was.

That was one year ago and I haven't slept a night without my Peace Pillow since. I no longer wake up with a stiff neck. I now recommend your pillow to all my patients.

Now I would like to know how I could sell Peace Pillows in my office. Please let me know if you offer display samples and or point of purchase displays. Send me all information on pricing as soon as possible. "

Michael Vesely, D.C.

"Before I purchased a Peace Pillow, I would wake up with a stiff neck and a headache. Now, I get a comfortable night's sleep."
- Ms. H.R. Whitsett

Peace Pillows Inc.

" We have been most pleased with your Peace Pillow.
My husband is a neurosurgeon and has used the pillow for 3 years (since his neck operation.) He also recommends it to his patients with cervical problems.
Please send us information about where in Ohio or Florida one can purchase the Pillow. Also, can we buy in large quantities?
Do you have small hand out info. pieces on what they look like and how they work etc."

Thank you,
Mrs. John Little

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